Thursday, January 11, 2007

Questions for the New Year

The spring time is a great time for student ministry. We have Disciple Now weekends, Spring Break trips and the summer is getting close.

The important part is starting the New Year with vision and direction. Each year I pull my numbers and ask myself the tough questions. How did we do? How many did we baptize? Did we grow or are we at the same place we were last year? What do we need to cancel this year because it did not work last year? What did we not do last year that we need to do this year? What is something new we can try?

This year we are setting goals in all of our Home Groups along with our Wednesday Night services. We also have goals for all of our events we are doing. The key is to keep the vision in front of the students and volunteer youth workers.

I want to define the win to my students and my team and then we go for it.

You also have to define the win for your own spiritual walk. Are you spending time with God daily? What is your plan this year to grow spiritually? How am I doing physically? Do I need to lose weight? Is my social life what it should be? Did I meet new people (not just Christians either)? Emotional am I healthy? Intellectually, are you a learner?

It is important to ask the tough questions for your self simply because everything rises and falls on leadership.

Make this year a year that you try something new as long as you stay on purpose.

Proverbs 28:26 - “A man is a fool to trust himself! But those who use God’s wisdom are safe.”

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