Thursday, February 15, 2007

Speaking Chaffin Jr High FCA

I love speaking @ FCA's all across our area. FCA is a great ministry in the public schools. We work with FCA's a lot and i will be happy to do anything for them i can.
I spoke for Coach Pogue (spelling?) today. He is a great man who loves teeangers and loves coaching along with Loving his Lord. He truly wants to make a great impact in students lives. I have the upmost respect for him and am honored he allowed me to speak @ his FCA today.

Keep on Chaffen Jr High - take the challenge to pray and fast today and make a difference!


Anonymous said...

btw's chaffIn, not chaffEn! hahaha

Anonymous said...

^ that was a former chaffin chigger, brittany. ooh and you spelled my name wrong on youtube! it's "ANY"

Anonymous said...

i think you should do or talk more about chaffin because it has so many things going on. so check up with some people from chaffin so you can be updated more often okk?