Monday, March 5, 2007

Internet Networking Site - MYSPACE.COM

Myspace is one of the most popular internet networking sites out their right now. I have a myspace –

What is my opinion on myspace though? Get ready this article might be RATED R….

Myspace is a great place to network, post pict’s and videos that tell about you. Just like anything you can put too much info on the site. I would suggest that you as a parent look at your teen’s myspace weekly.

Myspace is a great place to advertise also. Think about it in my network of friends alone
I am connected too 160,669,059 people, when the whole network has over 18 million users.

Parents need to know that there is a lot of vulgar language and discussion of adult topics at this site. Many use it to flirt with others of similar sexual preference. Although there is an age requirement that users must be 16 or older, many kids don't tell the truth.

While this site is extremely popular with tweens and teens, having over 18 million users, parents with unanswered questions about the site and its features should preview the content while the kids aren't around. You probably won't be able to keep your older teen off it but at least you can warn her about the dangers. That said, not all uses of the site are shady. For example, many kids use it as a convenient spot to distribute their digital photos and blog content solely to close friends.

There have been a number of times I have denied friend request on myspace of inappropriate people. To put it bluntly they look like they could be Porn advertisers. I never accept nor click on them to find out. But how many students do? How many parents do?

I’m not saying all of myspace is bad nor am I saying it is all good. I am saying myspace pushes the envelope more than a site like FACEBOOK. See my earlier blog on facebook for more on it.

BOTTOM LINE // watch what your teen does on line. Get online and look at their sites. Pay attention. BE A PARENT!!!! Talk to your students about what they see on the internet and keep open communication. Let them know you care and let them know your watching.

I am going to push the limit here and post some advertisements that I saw the past few times I log onto myspace. This is not what you see when you go to my site this is what I see when I go to edit my site which all do!

As you can see not all are bad but lot's push the limits. I post these to challenge you to be parents/leaders. Know what is out their and take action. Be involved in your friends, teenagers and families lives.

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my gosh Brian those are some pictures you have i really think you should put them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!