Monday, March 5, 2007

Volinteer Youth Worker Meeting

We do all of our Youth Worker volunteer meetings following our AM worship service once a month. Why? Well we all have to do lunch right? The past few times I have bought pizza but I do want my worker to keep coming back to the meeting so today I bought them some great BBQ!!!!

We had a great time of prayer and vision for our student ministry. It is really great to get the whole team together to talk students.

I'm so thankful for the team God is putting in place here. I say "putting in place" because I think we always have room for more and I believe God is sending us the best. We have a group of adults who help on Wednesday night and Sunday in Small Groups that truly are leaders and want to invest in teenagers lives in the River Valley.

In our meeting I gave a few things I've been remind of in leading small groups this semester. Here they are //

1. Stay on Track –

Students love to get off of the topic and chase rabbits. There are times
when this is appropriate but in the most part I would say keep them on
track. Last night I had to stop 3 times and say, “hey guys lets stay on
course we can talk about this latter.” They laughed and I let them laugh
about it then we had a great discussion. But I had to be a leader.
Leaders Lead don’t be afraid to do so

2. Relate to them –
One week 1 of our students was dealing with some girl issues. We took that week to talk about dating and how to handle the stress of dating. Very relevant. We did not do the lesson but we did stay on course. Ended up being a great lesson. Be Relevant!

3. Give them Freedom to Laugh and Have fun
Students do not like someone who is “all about the rules.” Have fun, laugh with them. Let them make their humor. Laugh and move on, remember they are teenagers.

4. Be Consistent –
Show up weekly. Don’t take time off in your group, it will kill it.

5. Be Creative –
We had a group that was going to make stress balls the week we talk about stress. That is creative. Make the lesson fun and relevant otherwise the students don’t care and will get nothing out of it no matter how good of a teacher you think you are!

6. Power of encouragement –
Encouragement is a powerful tool. Let your students know you care and when they leave the home group they should know one thing. That adult cares for me!!!! They should know that do to how you encourage them. Also, remember to teach them to encourage each other. This takes time.

Remember have an A+ Student ministry takes time. We have to determine what is best for our church and run with it. Don’t be afraid to try anything but when you figure it out make it excellent!

What a great team of adults we have at Grand! Lets keep making a difference 1 students at a time.

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