Saturday, April 28, 2007

Need Your Help - New York Advice

Jen and I are working on taking a trip to New York for our 5th anniversary. You who are in New York or who have been we could use some ideas.

Where should we eat? Best Places! – it is a short weekend trip. Expensive and average price – (no seafood - it is my favorite but Jen is allergic)
What are the must do’s? I have been one time Jen has never been.
What Broadway show should we see?

Please leave a comment with this info so I can have it. We are only their for a couple of days but we want to make the most of it.

Let me hear from you and hear what we should do and where we should eat.


Carolyn said...

Randy and I have done several weekends in New York and would suggest doing the double decker bus tours that you can hop on and off of. You see the whole city this way, and if you get a good guide, you find out a lot of interesting facts about New York. The one at night is really fun! Of course, you need to do all the touristy stuff--Empire State Bldg,Statue of Liberty, Central Park (a carriage ride is fun) and of course the Naked Cowboy in Times Square! If you can stay close to Times Square, it is worth it. Wear comfortable shoes, you will walk a lot. We loved the Lion King and my sister says Wicked is great. If time permits, the Madame Trosseau (sp?) wax museum is great. I'm jealous. I love NYC!

JD Williams said...

I'll ditto everything Carolyn said and add a few of my own. Go to the Hayden Planetarium - the absolute best in the world. The digital projections are beyond HD 1080i (I don't know what that is - but I want it) and the science information is truly up-to-the-minute. It is an awe inspiring experience you cannot duplicate anywhere else in the world.
And even though it's expensive, go see a broadway show. Those folks may be a half-a-bubble-off-level but they are gifted with astounding talent. In times square there is a ticket sales location where you can buy leftover tickets at the last minute at a discount. But the best shows - like Lion King - always sell out well in advance so buy cyber-tickets before you go. And, of course, you can't go to NYC without eating at a deli. And the most famous of all is the Carnegie Deli (just south of Central Park near Carnegie Hall).

Emily Williams said...

When Nathan and I went a couple of years ago the absolute best thing we did was a food tour. Do this early in your trip and then you will know where to eat off the beaten path. we did the Greenwich Village tour, but we heard the Chelsea tour is also great. We wound up eating in Greenwich Village every night after the tour. You have to sign up in advance before your trip. You guys will have a blast