Friday, April 27, 2007

My Grandfather and My Son -

This picture if of my grandfather Melvin. This is my mother’s father. Let me share a brief story about him.

I pray as I grow up with my wife that I love her and stay committed to her the way my grandfather was committed to my grandmother.

It could not have been easy to be committed to my grandmother. She was dealing with great depression, multi personality, alzheimer's and I’m sure a lot more. Her whole life she dealt with many of these issues, or at least as long as I new her. I don’t want to pitch her as a bad women. She did a lot for me and was their a lot.

Yet In the struggles I never heard my grandfather complain. Matter-of-fact every time I was at their house and he came home from work he always gave my grandmother a kiss. When she was in a nursing home he was always around. When she needed a diaper change he was their. He was always their.

In today’s culture men and women a like are not their. They just assume to get out as hang in the battle. Well my grandfather hung in the battle. He was not a quitter or one who gives up. Sure he could have said, “I found someone else,” or “I don’t love her anymore” but none of it was true. He wanted no one else and she was the love of his life.

Parents never give up. Married couples never quit. Don’t follow the culture help change the culture. I know many teenagers who live in separate homes and it was not because of abuse or anything sever. Simple just because their mom or dad were very selfish and wanted to satisfy their flesh and not follow God.

My grandfather is a hero and will one day leave behind a great legacy. I could really write a lot about his story from my eyes, but this is a short version…. My late grandmother and grandfather are both GREAT PEOPLE!!!

I just though this pict was great of he and my son!!!

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