Thursday, April 26, 2007

Unchurched Teenagers in America

I was reading some stats online today. They are very scary. Let me share them with you.

It is estimated that 300,000,000 people live on this planet. Out of that 300 million 100,000,000 are un-church. This means on Easter 100 million people in the USA attend church no where.

Then it is also estimate there are close to 56,000 secondary schools in America. Out of these 56,000 schools it is said that 75% of the teenagers in those schools go to church no where.

Here is what that looks like. Close to 10% of America is teenagers, 29,000,000. This would mean that 21,750,000 go to church no where. So 22% of the un-churched population in America is teenagers.

Now that is a lot of number and stat to throw around, but the bottom line is this – WE ARE LOSING!!!!!!!!

Parents we are losing, church we are losing. We have to step up to the plate and become more relevant and more progressive than we have ever been. What does not work throw out and what you think will work probably came from the 90’s so throw it out also and ask some students. We need to stop thinking we (the church) know what we are doing and look at the realistic side.

There are many churches out their reaching a lot of students and there are even more churches out their turning away students. I don’t have all the answers nor do I know how we need to fully do it. I do believe student ministry is going through a shift right now and we are doing it different and will have to continue.

Have we lost a heart for evangelism? Have we lost a heart of connection? I don’t believe we lost the heart of discipleship. I would say the church does good at teaching bible to those that attend church. The question is did Jesus do more teaching or showing? Have we lost the heart of worship? What about doing ministry, finding a place of service? Do we like to come and enjoy instead and come and do?

“The church” is not the pastor and not the building, the church is US!!!!! The church is teachers making a difference in the class room. The church is coaches who do it God’s way and not the world’s way. The Church is business men who make a difference for Christ in the work place. The church is those who give to God weekly through your local church so that the kingdom can be expanded. The Church is students and college students attending the classes with your lost peers.

Lets “Run in such of a way to Win the Prize….”

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