Saturday, May 5, 2007

Chick Fil A -

Chick Fil A today did Princess day. What a day and what a great idea. They make their whole lunch rush around princess: free Limo ride, get your nail’s done and dress up. My daughter loved it.
They took NO shortcuts, from princess showing up to their very own prince (Dawson). It was a well put together event that drew lots of people.

It goes to show if you take on the current culture and have creative ideas you will draw people. What can the church learn from what Chick Fil A is doing on the weekends?

Some good thought from today.

1. Be Relevant
2. Be Excellent
3. Have Fun
4. Always smile
5. Have Multiple events going on all with
the same focus and same theme. Have more than one “Hook.”

On another note.... Check out this pict of McKenna and Parker playing in McKenna’s car


Steven Grim said...

next thing you know they'll be driving!

jennifermills921 said...

Steven! Shhhh! Don't say that!! :)

grove bible study said...

hey y'all check out the blog on pornography on myspace. . .