Thursday, July 12, 2007

Keep Dreaming Big

Running with the big idea is not always the easiest thing to do. When I think of things we are working on @ Grand Family Church and Element Student ministries, I think of a lot of Big Ideas. We are kicking off a new worship service that is different from anything ever done @ Grand. We just put on a youth camp where all the churches in this area attended.

Alex Himaya was the speaker at our camp and if you know Alex you know he is a man of big ideas. Great Vision!!!

The challenge is pulling off the big idea. It is not always easy and takes a lot of work, but I believe when God gives us that “big idea” we should run with it, trust God with it and pursue it.

We should never stop dreaming larger than ourselves. I believe God is given us a vision and the Youth Pastors in our area a vision that we might be able to turn the youth culture around in Fort Smith simply by what God is putting together at a youth camp once a year. Taking that back to the schools is going to be very powerful. Simple a BIG IDEA.

Dream Big!!!

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