Thursday, July 12, 2007

What to do for your Group/Team

As you work with a team or a small group as a Boss or Volinteer here are some ideas on what to do with your team and what to give them.
Acts 20:28 – 35

1. We will love you all with unconditional love. We firmly believe that when someone receives Christ into their heart, the love of God fills their heart. (Romans 5:5) Love is a decision; therefore, we choose to love you. We also realize that the only way we can love is through the Lord Jesus. With God’s power we will love you as Jesus commands us.

2. We will pray for you on a regular basis. Prayer is not a great work it is the great work. Prayer is the foundation and key to our Student Ministry. We will pray Colossians 1:9-11 for you all on a daily basis.

3. We will help you through tough times. We sincerely desire to be here for all of you. We will do everything possible to make time for you. Please inform us when you are going through difficulties. We cannot read minds, and it will help us to help you is we are informed.

4. We will rejoice with you in the happy times. (Romans 12: 15) Sometimes ministers only get to hear the bad news. We will be here for bad times, but we also want to hear any good news so we can rejoice together!

5. We will teach the whole counsel of God’s Word. We promise to teach the Word of God in its undiluted sternness, and we are committed to living the Word with an unflinching loyalty. God’s Word is not a list of cruel commandments, rather it is filled with sweet solutions for our spiritual growth and daily living. We will feed you the Word of God.

6. We will lead you all by example. Jesus is the Head. We are under-shepherds who will give an account of how we have led you. We take this responsibility seriously and with great pleasure. Our goal for leadership is 1) Explain the Word of God 2) Exhort you to live godly lives 3) Be an Example in all things 4) Equip you for ministry.

7. We will passionately be P.R.O. Christian. Praying (1 Thess. 5:17), Reading (Ps. 119:105), Obeying (James 1:22), Christian.

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