Friday, September 7, 2007

Speaking to Southside Football Team

I spoke for Southside this past Thursday. WE talked about being IMPACT PLAYERS. One of my favorite things to do in student ministry is to be the Chaplin for football teams and to speak to them weekly.

IT is such a key to ministry to get out of the office and get on campus and be where the students are. IF the students only see us at church there is a serious problem.

Coach Williams has been a great man for me to work with. He is a great football coach and truly wants the best for his boys….

Really that is how all the coaches are in Ft Smith. It has been an amazing honor to be a part of the teams in this area.

I do have to say it all rises and falls on leadership and Coach Roland, the AD, is a great leader and a man I have the upmost respect for.

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