Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3 Simple Leadership Principals

1. Keep God before ministry.
As I told my staff Monday working in the church is not what builds up your relationship with God! You spend time growing yourself is where the growth will happen for you! We need personal time for ourselves and God! IT is good to get away and attend a worship time where you are not expected to do anything but worship.
I think it is important for volunteers to remember this also. Many times we, clergy, allow our volunteer to get so engulfed in the ministry that we allow them the opportunity to miss church or miss their “adult” time!

Remember Keep God before Ministry!

2. Be a custom leader.
Everyone has a different personality and everyone needs to be lead differently. I cannot lead any of my staff or volunteers the same. All of them have different personalities and I need to watch and learn that as I lead them. To be a great leader you must KNOW your team!

3. Know your limits.
Do I need to say more? Don’t push yourself so hard you are burned out. No matter if you are a volunteer or in ministry fully time we can all get burned out. Know your limits

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