Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mavericks @ Work - one of my favorit parts yet

Here are some more quotes from Mavericks @ Work.

Chapter 8 “small gestures, big signals: outstanding strategies to stand out from the crowd.”

Pg 157 “A sandwich shop with its own art director, a team of artisans to make tables and countertops, and an “underground” menu so that loyal customers can feel like insiders. A retail bank with employees who are such over-the-top extroverts that they perform in Broadway-style musical revues. A Clothing store that uses sight, sound, even smell, to conjure up a sensory experience to captivate shoppers and capture their imaginations.”

Pg 157 “But you don’t have to stand on the fringe to stand out from the crowd.”

Pg 157 “Connecting with customers is about substance, not style creating a more compelling way to do business, whatever business you’re in.”

Pg 158 “In a competitive environment defined by too much choice and too many look-alike choices, it doesn’t take all that much creativity to be memorable – to be different enough in your marketplace that your customers find you hard to forget.”

Brian Mills Quote I wrote in the book on the side “What make you forgettable.”

Pg 159 “There was a lot of focus on our journey together: how would we treat one another? You can have good results, but if people aren’t talking when it’s over, if you haven’t built lasting relationships, is the job a success?”

Pg 159 “team members do not allow others to fail”

Pg 159 “you could walk through the building and see what the mission was, says Salvati.”

Pg 160 “…keep creating memorable interactions, even if the company’s zeal for the interviews can wear its customers out.”

Pg 161 “Everything the company does is about strengthening its connection to customers.”

Pg 161 “We’re not selling our products, the CEO explains. We’re selling our people. We have a live relationship with our customers, on the radio and on the phone.”

Pg 161 “Bear counselors spent two and a half million minutes on the phone in 2004”

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