Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Youth Ministry Tomorrow... (Monday Staff Meeting discussion)

We had a great discussion Monday in our staff meeting. We are really starting to think as a Staff, “What does youth ministry tomorrow look like and how do we do that today?” Does it change any? Where is Youth Ministry going?

We are talking about things like:

1. Keep it Relational
Do ministry where the students are more than just making them come to you all the time (this is not a new concept but we are working through some fresh ideas to make this happen during the week)

2. Giving Students a “rite of Passage” (Get students serving)
Walker Moor, out of Tulsa, ask the question once, “when do students become adults?” Look at America today. The smoking age is 18, the driving age is 16, and insurance drops at 25 and you can drink at 21. So when do students become adults? When do they receive responsibility? You see well disciplined students and you find, most of the time, parents who have given their teenagers responsibility and consequences to go with them when they do not meet the expectations.

We want to give students that responsibility every Sunday AM in our ministry. As we surround ourselves w/ Adults who mentor students we want to watch students rise up to be leaders.

3. Parent Ministry –
4. Volunteer training –

We are excited about where we are going with this idea this year!!!! I will write more on it soon.

5. Take students through the vision of 210 student ministry (BELONG.BELIEVE.BECOME)

Overall we are very excited about the vision and the dream of what we believe God wants to do in Katy Texas. If you have any input on this top and want to share throw it at us. We want to learn!!!!

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