Tuesday, March 25, 2008

10 More Lessons of Leadership

As you who come here often know I keep a document on my desktop of lessons of leadership that I learn. As I get an additional 10 I will post them. Here is 10 i have written down in the past couple of weeks

Part 1http://www.brianmills247.com/2008/02/past-4-months-top-12.html
Part 2 http://www.brianmills247.com/2008/03/this-month-top-12.html

Part 3:
1. Never let the Elephant in the room go un-noticed: Don’t be afraid to talk to your people even when you know the conversation is not going to be good!!!
2. Time Management must be taught. A task list of priorities will help you not over commit. Keep a calendar!!! Do this right and you will never miss a deadline and you will stay focused and less stressed!!!
3. Let your yes be yes and your no be no!!!!
4. Say Thank you – I send thank you notes/e-mails often. I personalize them every time. To each volunteer and each Staff member I am thankful for different reasons. All together we make a TEAM and for that I am thankful!!!
5. Be Slow to Speak and Slow to become Angry. Before you blurt out what you think..Think!!!
6. Give Permission to Fail – and sometimes you have to let your team member fail so they can learn.
7. Follow through – My kids are teaching me this more and more every day. I asked my daughter tonight to stop kicking a ball in the house. She did not so I gave her a consequence. “Honey if you kick it again I will give you a spanking and put you to bed.” Well guess what, she kicked the ball but very easy. I had a decision to make, I did not want to make it though, I spank her and put her to bed or turn my head. Then the thought “Follow Through” popped in my head. I had to be consistent so i spanked her and put her to bed!!! I hated it but I have to be a Dad not just a friend!!! Being a dad means following through!!!
8. Sometimes you have to just say NO even when you want to say YES!!!
9. Be Quick to Listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry!!!!
10. Be Flexible

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