Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Leading our JHigh Service Tonight

What a night. I lead our J High Service tonight why our JHigh pastor is out of town. We had 8 student testimonies from some of our JHigher’s who when on Spring Break Mexico Mission Trip.

Cole (Was Saved on the Trip)
Austin (Saved on the trip because his friend Charlie Brought him)

2 girls came up to me tonight and share how they have given their life to Christ when I was preaching a while back on Wednesday Night. They shared how much they love our JHigh ministry.

One was sharing how before our church she hated her mom/dad, drank, sneaked out of her house and did a lot of bad things but then one Wednesday night when Michael was preaching she gave her life to Christ and ever since then she has been changed.

It is so cool to hear the stories of the ministry and what God is doing.

Tonight because of the word of these students’s testimony many were saved!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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