Monday, March 10, 2008

Build Volunteers that will Last

Michael and our J High staff had a party for volunteers this weekend. I’m sure he will post about it soon.

We talked today though how if you want your volunteers to hang with you for a long time I believe one of the secretes is to HAVE FUN!!!

Build memories with them, laugh with them and create stories. We all love to have fun and when you have fun you grow closer together. What a great way to create longevity in your volunteer youth workers.

Quick thoughts:
1. What are you doing to build memories with your volunteers?
2. Are you telling the stories of life change with them so they can see how God is using them?
3. How often do you just laugh together?
4. Do you have NO AGENDA lunches with them?

We will have a lot more on this soon. We are in the trenches learning daily how to take better care of our volunteers. We will keep posting ideas and thoughts on how to be a successful leader to volunteers.


Steve said...

Good stuff B.

Jason Mick said...

Great advice! Love the pic of Michael!

Sean said...

Great thoughts!

I find it easy to have fun with those that are generally the same age as me or younger.

I would be interested in ideas of how to have fun with older volunteers. I think it is an important component but difficult if they are 10-15 years older and full with jobs, kids and life but also have a heart for ministry to youth.