Friday, March 21, 2008

Mission Trip Rules

We are back and wow was it amazing. I will type some cool stories soon. Way of the Cross was a great group to work with They are amazing servants of our Lord and have such a passion for the lost.

We started out the weekend giving students the top 10 ways to be successful on a mission trip. Eric Hystad is very gifted at coming up with things like this. He has done ministry for a long time and has a lot of wisdom so it is always fun to watch what he comes up with. I then stood in front of the students and communicate these 10 things to the students.

1. No Future questions
2. Practice the 100% Rule –
Do things right 100% of the time
3. No Whiners
4. No Pre-Madonna’s
5. This trip is not about you
6. You have a lot of new friends waiting to meet you this week
7. Your mom is not here
8. When a leaders ask you to do something your answer is yes –
Do It with a smile
9. Respect, Respect, Respect
10. No PDA

The Way of the Cross then had one big rule
1. Flexi, Flexi – Be very Flexible at all times.

My next blog coming up I will tell a few stories and show a few pictures. God did amazing things we saw 100’s of people saved and watch 7 of our own on the trip get saved. From the West campus we have some amazing stories of a couple of students who gave their life to Christ and WOW it is amazing!!!

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