Friday, March 21, 2008

Speaking on the Mission Trip

Every Night we did a worship service in which one of the Youth Pastors preached. First is was Jonathan Gray at our North Campus next was Michael Head, J High Pastor at the west campus then Richmond Talbert the HS pastor at the Woodway campus spoke and I ended the weekend.

I spoke on how we need to take any part in the story of God instead of being the star in our own story. I ended it asking the question are you ALL IN?

ON a mission trip we will share the gospel anytime:
What about in the locker room? Are “you” in?
What about at the Lunch Table? Are “you” in?
What about in your environment? Are “you” in?

Are we all in for our Lord and making his name Known?

Every pastor did an amazing job this weekend and I feel so blessed to work w/ these guys on a weekly bases!!!

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