Monday, March 31, 2008

Teaching to Changed Lives

1. The Law of the Learner (Cause to Learn)
As a teacher, I am responsible that the students learn. I’m not just there to cover the material.
A teacher should judge his/her success by the success of the students.
2. The Law of Expectation (Expect the Best)
My expectations undeniably have a tremendous impact on the lives of my students – both for good and not for good. Expectations are exposed through our attitudes and actions.
3. The Law of Application (Apply for Life Change)
I should never get so tied up in the content, that I forget that the purpose of content is life change. Application focuses scripture on students’ needs.
4. The Law of Retention (Master the Minimum)
The teacher should strive to focus on the irreducible minimum. Associate the facts with an object, action, illustration, or memorization.
5. The Law of Need (Build the Need)
The teacher should build the need before teaching the content. (salt their oats). You have the answer, but what’s the question? This is why you have to know them
6. The Law of Equipping (Equip for Service)
The goal is to train students for a life of service and edification. Eph 4:11-12. Instruct, Illustrate, Involve, Improve, Inspire
7. The Law of Revival (Revive the Heart)
The teacher should encourage an ongoing revival in the students’ lives

To teach and to learn come from the same root word – they are inseparable

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