Monday, March 31, 2008

Teaching in JHIGH on Quiet Time

This past Sunday was a great Sunday. I taught in our Jhigh ministry and shared about how to have an effective Quite Time.

A quiet time is a period of time you consistently set aside to be alone with God, usually in the morning, to talk to Him and to listen to Him as you prepare to be used by Him that day.

Ask these questions when you read scripture:
Is there a(n): E xample for me to follow?
N ew thought about God, Jesus or the Holy Sprit?
S in for me to confess?
P romise for me to claim?
E rror for me to avoid?
C ommand for me to obey?

Here is a Plane you can follow:
1. Begin with Prayer
2. Read Bible

3. Write down insights, application and final prayer
4. Be realistic

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