Thursday, May 15, 2008

Senior Dinner

Tonight we had our Senior Dinner. We had a great crowd with some amazing seniors. I will upload some pict’s soon.

Brett Davis was the MC then Lauren, Jeremiah and I spoke to the Seniors with 3 Senior testimonies.

I spoke on the #1 concern of all parents: will my son/daughter make “wise decisions” in there life. I went through a few choices they will have then ended talking about will they chose to be a person of Influences.

I then listed how Exceptional leaders are like Eagles in this way (from Inquest bible study material):

1. Don’t flock:
Leaders don’t worry about what the crowd thinks,
You would rather follow God than anyone else

2. Are Predators:
Leaders work for what they need.
Don’t satisfy wants you satisfy God

3. Place their nest in hard-to-get locations
Leaders hide themselves in what is right and let no one pull them down.

4. Hunt Daily:
Leaders focus on the future… Leaders take action today while focusing on the future and their impact on life…

5. Don’t hang out with pigeons
Leaders are careful of the company they keep

6. Are respected
People come to you when in need

7. Train their young
Leaders reproduce Leaders

8. Stalk there prey continuously until they catch it.
Leaders are persistent

9. Protect their own
Leaders are loyal to their group

10. Soar to great heights

Leaders have high goals, and they accomplish them
The size of a leader is determined by the depth of his convictions, the height of his ambitions, and the breadth of his vision and the reach of his love.”

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