Saturday, May 17, 2008

Leadership Part 4

Here are some Top 10 thoughts of mine from this past month. As you know i keep lesson's I learn/Reminded of on my desktop. Here are 10 more thoughts:

Past thoughts are located:
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Part 4:
1. Read a Book!!!!
2. Things are not always what they seem to be
. Keep your eyes open at all times and pray for wisdom!!!
3. You do not always have to tell it all!!! Wait for the right moment!
4. Detailed Planning on the front end will bring you great success when the time comes
5. Write letter’s/e-mails/text/wall post etc… as if your document will end up on CNN
6. Speak as if everyone is listening.
7. “Share the Gospel, when necessary use words”
8. If you are a Leader people want to follow… if you are a position people just use you to sign their check.
Do you how followers or do you just have people needing a check?
9. Stay Connected: you can get so engulfed in what you do that your creativity get’s closed off. Stay connect with the culture and see what is out there.
10. Don’t be a Complainer: in any organization their will be rules you don’t like, jobs you get asked to do that you wish someone else would have received but remember to see opportunity in everything you do!

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