Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gary Thomas - The Beautiful Fight

Gary Thomas has been preaching in our church a lot here lately. Today he meet with all the ordained pastors on our staff. This was a great discussion that he led and I enjoyed it along with being challenged by it.

Here are 3 Main points he spoke about:

1. The normative Christian life should be one of transformation. By concentrating on the incarnation in exclusion to the ascension, we have focused on the grace that pardons, but we have done so to neglect the grace that transforms.

2. Jesus isn’t just the standard (What Would Jesus Do?), but just as importantly, He is the means to get there (What is Jesus Doing Now – Through You?).

3. Holiness includes, but by no means is limited to, moral choices. By focusing exclusively on morality, we have raised a generation of believers who think the goal of Christianity is to “not do more things than other people don’t do.” It’s one thing to teach kids not to look at vile images on the internet or listen to soul-destroying music – that’s important, but it’s even more effective to teach them the positive alternative: how can they learn to offer up their eyes and ears to be God’s servants.

You can get Gary’s latest book The Beautiful Fight here

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