Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to Deal With Specific Students in your small group

The Talker
Try not to let one person dominate the whole discussion. If you have someone who continually answers every question without letting others speak try asking your questions directly to other people. If the problem persists talk with the person after the meeting to share with them the importance of letting others share.

The Quiet Person
Be sensitive to someone if they don’t wish to speak out in the group. Try to draw them into the conversation without putting them on the spot.

The Bible Basher
In this case, you should approach the person after the meeting. Try not to confront someone during the meeting. Share with this person that this meeting is about sharing God’s truth. Try to find out why they feel the way the do, and explain to them that you respect their opinion, but will continue to share the Word of God and what it teaches.

Other Interesting People
In leading COLLISION/SMALL GROUPS you will interact with people who believe many things that are contrary to the Bible. Speak the truth in love. Be gentle and kind. Remember our goal is win members of the group to Christ. Love them for who they are, but don’t be afraid to share the truth.

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