Tuesday, August 26, 2008

JHIGH Girls Taking a Stand in Competative Cheer

Last week in our student ministry Michael met with two of our JHIGH girls and their mom. They were struggling with their competitive cheer team due to the dance they were going to have to perform this year that was full of explicit moves/music. These two girls, not encouraged by anyone, decided on their own, to go to their Coach and talk to him about it.

Their coach pretty much ignored them and said in a sarcastic voice “we will pray about it.”

They decided after this response that it would be best for their witness to drop out of Competitive Cheer and take a stand for the commitment they have made for Christ.

Would you take that same kind of stand? Would you give up something that means so much to you, a great opportunity just to take a stand for the Lord?

I am so proud of these girls in our JHIGH Ministry!!!!!

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