Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sample Order of Service

This is our order of service from our HS sunday Morning this past sunday. I get asked often what our order looks like so here you go:

10:55am: Walk-In Music Playing w/Announcement Slides Rolling
-Greg: play music and have announcements rolling on the screen

11:00am: Welcome to 210 HSM (Brett)
(210 Slide)
-Greg: put the 210 slide on screen, Brett Welcome Everyone

11:03am: Jeremiah’s Dance Crew

1105am: Announcements (Brett)

11:08am: Band Tryout Video
-Kills the Lights & Crank the Volume on the video
-(Sam) RE-SET the stage with monitors and microphones

11:11am: 3 Songs (Tyler & Band)
The Time Has Come
One Way
How Great Thou Art

11:23am: Message Brian
(E6)(20-25 mins)

11:50am: 2 Songs (Tyler & Band)
Invitation Song: “Hosanna” or “Lead Me to the Cross”
Rock Out Song: “I Will Dance” (Time Permitting)

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