Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do Jr High Students Drink and Party?

I have posted before about the Alcohol problem with teenagers. I thought I would share this article with you. Kids are learning young and younger.

You can watch some videos here and read about it here:

“The younger they start drinking, the higher risk they’re going to have for alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence,”

Stats from this report:

The average girl takes her first sip of alcohol at age 13. The average boy takes his first sip of alcohol at age 11.
Teenagers who said their parents or their friends' parents had provided alcohol for a party over the past year were twice as likely as their peers to have used alcohol or binged during the previous month.
Nearly 75 percent of teens surveyed said they had never used alcohol.
About 25 percent of teens in the study said they'd been at party in the past year where parents supplied alcohol.
Fourteen percent of teens surveyed said they were with their parents the last time they drank.

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