Monday, September 8, 2008

Volunteer Coach Position

Volunteers are the key to student ministry and we are working hard to be sure we have a structure in place that works.

We have developed during our service time a position we call the Volunteer Coach:
This person is over all volunteers who attend our “service” time in our student ministry. We have a lot of our small group/home group leaders attending these time and we were not giving them anything to do. Adults hate just standing around and wasting time.

The coach takes all the volunteers in our ministry and divides them out during our service.

Here are some areas he/she might assign someone.
Greeter at the door (we assign them a door)
Crowd Control
Worshiper with the students
Set up extra chairs

This job is to help to stress of the staff so they can focus on the kids and this man/woman makes sure all the volunteers are taking care of and have somewhere to be.

This person must be a strong leader and a good organizer along with being someone sold out to your ministry.

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