Monday, September 8, 2008

Youtube Challenge Specifics

I have been asked by serveral people if I would be willing to give the specifics of our youtube challenge. Well here you go:

YouTube Challenge:
The goal of the YouTube challenge is to encourage the Collision/Small Groups within our student ministry to creatively promote the ministry for us. The mode of promotion will be ‘YouTube Videos’. Each Collision/Small Group will be making a video (2-3 mins max) that will promote our Sunday Bible Studies.

Important Dates:
August 6th: Inform Student Ministry Volunteers of the idea and basic instructions for the YouTube Challenge in a pre-Collide meeting.
August 24th: Issue the YouTube Challenge to students via video in Bible Studies
August 27th: Issue the same challenge via video in Collision Groups (give each group a dvd)

September 21st: Due date for the Videos from the Collision/Small Groups
September 28th: Upload YouTube Videos to YouTube on our ministry YouTube Page. Show a group’s video in Bible Study

October 5th: Show a group’s YouTube Video in Bible Study
October 12th: Show a group’s YouTube Video in Bible Study
October 19th: Show a group’s YouTube Video in Bible Study
October 26th: Announce the YouTube Challenge Winners!!! (possibly have 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prizes)

YouTube Challenge Guidelines:
Time Limit: Videos should not exceed 2 minutes (although creativity trumps time limits)

All content must promote the 210 Student Ministry Sunday Morning Bible Studies and should be clean and reflect a positive mentality about involvement in our Student Ministry. We will watch and censor any videos that we deem to be inappropriate.


The groups are required to edit their own YouTube Videos. We will not aid or edit anything for you. See programs like “iMovie” or “AVS Video Editor”. They are free and easy to use.

This is a YouTube Video, not a professionally edited and directed movie. Make it good, but don’t be a perfectionist, you will ruin the fun nature of the project.

Final Format:
You may turn your video in on a Jump Drive, or a DVD. Please call with questions.

Completion Date:
Your group’s video needs to be turned in on or before September 21st!!!

We will watch and up-load all YouTube Challenge submissions. Please don’t upload the video yourself or it will not be eligible for the challenge.

How do we win???
We will upload every group’s YouTube Challenge Submission on September 28th for the whole world to see. Whichever Group’s YouTube Video receives more “hits” by the end of October 25th by 11:59pm will win the YouTube Challenge!!!

What do we win???
$500 for the video that gets the most hits

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