Friday, October 17, 2008

Beach Retreat Video Project

We are created some videos to reach out to our volunteers Pre Beach Retreat. We want to do our training and recruiting by video, but not forgetting the live touch. The best way to train and recruit is by a live person, but we want to be able to send people home with something also.

So here are 2 ideas we are doing:
1. Beach Retreat Recruiting video.
Tonight we gathered 2 adults per campus that have attended Beach Retreat before and I interviewed them. We asked several question in a living room atmosphere and had a lot of fun. We will use this video when I find someone interested in being a part of Beach Retreat I can give it to them and they can be encourage by other leaders.

2. Beach Retreat Training Video:
This video we will actually walk through a Beach retreat experience from the beginning to the end. It will be a lot of fun.

Hopefully we will upload these so you can see them as we get them done.

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