Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just being Stupid

The past 2 days I have been traveling w/ Eric Hystad, Brian Harris and Jordan Easley. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. I know this is going to kind of be a “You had to be there” kind of post but some quotes from this week were so funny and made me laugh a lot. I will attempt to put you in the situation.

On the way back on the plane our flight attendant's name was Liz and man did she love to crack on Brian Harris! As she walked by and he was writing down a few notes she said “what are you doing?” Brian proceeded to tell her all this stuff he was doing and her sarcastic remarks were as follows’:
“You are the employee of the month”
“You’re a real Winner… (with a thumbs up)”

Jordan also had some great moments in this situation. As he went to use the restroom Eric and I encouraged Liz to go knock on the door and tell him the bathroom was broken. Here is what she said:
“Sir the bathroom is broken”
“Are you ok in there…? You have been in there a long time!”

When we 1st arrived to our meeting in Birmingham one of the guys looked at Eric and said... “Wutcher back door?” Eric with a confused look on his face said “I do not know what you mean?”

Then when making fun of the Tennessee Football Program, as it was one of the guys favorite team, Eric said “it is easier to believe in Santa Claus than to believe in Tennessee football this year”

Ok so this post was just to have a little fun and to most reading it I’m sure it makes no sense. The cool think is Liz ended up being a member of our church and Eric and Lauren had a great conversation with her in being sure she is plugged in.

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LizRose said...

Great blog Brian! I feel special! :) You guys made my flight! Loved the energy!