Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Student Life

Tuesday we had a meeting with Randy Hall and his team at Student Life. We went to their office in Birmingham, AL to meet with them. As we had a tour of their complex there are many things I was challenged by and thought they had down perfect. Here are some thoughts of mine from walking through their building and being in a meeting w/ this A+ Organization.

Here are my thoughts along w/ a couple of other thoughts:
1. Excellence is their only option:
2. Tell the story – as you walk into his office you begin to see the story from the beginning.
3. Don’t take shortcuts –
4. Keep it neat and clean
– his warehouse was in perfect shape along with all the offices
5. Be Organized
6. Always have an Agenda
7. Know where the Starbucks are before you leave town
– Jordan’s GPS/IPHONE was worthless –
8. Always be a good host – They took very good care of us
9. Be Prepared
10. Read the reviews of the Hotel before you book it.
L Hall she forgot to do this!!!!!
11. Give Stuff Away

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