Friday, October 31, 2008

My Cell Phone History

For the past 2 weeks I have been having some trouble with my cell phone. I have not had text for 2 weeks and then the past 2 days my phone did not even work. It is a long story why, but the bottom line is I have had no phone for sometime.

It is so strange driving home without a phone. I even found myself pacing around thinking where is my phone. WOW!!! Are we addicted or what? No matter where you go someone is on their cell phone 24-7, including me.

This past week made me thing back when there were no cell phones. I was in junior high and I remember when my dad came home with a truck phone.

Wow! Now that was nice. He had his horn plugged into it so when he was away from his truck and his phone rang the horn would honk. Then he could run back to the truck to answer the phone.

Then we had the great bag phone.
I remember my first phone was the first ever flip phone. I was 16 years old. I carried it in my back pocket like a dork. This huge phone in my back pocket. I thought I was so cool.

I then eventually graduated to the V60, It was small and nice. I thought then I had arrived.

I have now entered into the SMART PHONE and have had over 4 different types including the IPHONE. My favorite so far is a Blackberry. Here are a few of my SMART PHONES I have tried.

It is so fun to see where we have come. Can you imagine where we will be with cell phones 5 years from now.

This past week was great for me and taught me how much I depend on my phone. If we depended on God as much as we depend on a cell phone... Wow! Now that is a great sermon.

Ask yourself today, what would it be like if you spoke to God as much as you talk on the phone? If you depended on God as much as you depend on your phone. To all you business men that should hit home huge. I depend on my phone for everything.

Good thoughts!!!

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Anonymous said...

You should have keep the iPhone then you wouldn't be having all these problems....haha