Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stay In Your Lane

This is a phrase we use a lot. Here are ways I do this: Delegate – Release – Stay Out Of The Way - Follow Up.

Delegate -
Delegation without definition equals disaster. Be clear in your delegation!!!

Release –
Once you delegate you must let that staff member do their task. If you have to stay on top of them then you need a new staff member. Give them permission to run in their “lane.” Give them permission to make decisions.

Stay Out Of The Way –
Leaders want to lead. If you are delegating to a great leader they want you to stay out of the way. When you have an A type personality it is easy to step in and take charge. Although if you have delegated right, then released your staff person to do the job, then you have followed up well. There is no reason why you cannot let them lead and you stay out of the way.

Follow Up –
Each week check up on the task and let everyone give a report to be sure all are staying on task and on the same page.

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