Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sermon Series for the Spring 2009

We have finished our sermon planning for the spring semester. I know most plan year to year but we plan every semester. IF we plan to far out at Second things might change, because we love to change things up a lot here.

I sit down with Jeremiah and Michael along with a couple of others and we answer a couple of questions:
1. Where do we want to take our ministry over the next semester spiritually?
2. What order do we want to teach the series we come up with?
3. What is relevant to where our students are today in Katy Texas?
4. What creative elements do we want to do during the series?
5. What is the stage design we are going to do with each series?

Here is what we will be teaching from January – May:

January – 09
What's next in the life of David (7 week series)

March – 09
Illusionist/band will be here
March Madness series (2 part series)
Cross Series (3 part series)

April - 09
12th Easter NO BS
Sexology (4 part series)

May - 09
Ready, Set, Go (3 part series)

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