Monday, October 27, 2008

Speaking - Is it an Art?

There is so much in what I'm going to type but I thought I would put some thoughts down. This is something I love to do and as God opens doors I do often. So here are a few thoughts.

In short here are some keys I do every time I get up to speak:

1. Take it straight from the Word of God – Don’t make God’s word fit your topic.
2. Be Authentic: Let the student see who you are. This is not a time to give glory to sin though. Don’t abuse authenticity.
3. Have Fun – Add humor to your message. Kids love to laugh.
4. Have Energy – No one likes a boring series talk… Have some energy and fun through your talk
5. Have a Visual – Students/Kids remember by seeing or doing not just hearing. We are in a very visual generation.
6. Have a Testimony – Use testimony’s of what God is doing. You might share the story or through video or maybe even live testimony. The key is to tell the story of what God is doing over and over again.
7. Have a Call to Action – This could be an invitation or just a response time. Either way give them a chance to respond (don’t keep the response always depressing or down – take the energy up)

When I prepare a message here is my outline
Intro –
Start the message. I have a lot of fun here and it leads into the point for the day.

Body of the message:
In the body I have an explanation, illustration and application.

This is where I “land the plane” and drive it towards the “call to action.” During this time you want to be very clear and specific. Do not muddy the water, keep it simple and to the point.

IN all of this I depend fully on God’s favor. I need favor in the prep time and I need favor in the message.

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