Thursday, January 29, 2009

A fun Look to 2018 (McKenna will be 13 and Parker 12)

When you watch this video it should make you think? What is the future class room look like? What does the future church look like? What does the future student ministry look like? Will we continue to get more visual? Are we setting ourselves up now so we can reach students tomorrow? It makes me think a lot.

One think I thought of is what will McKenna and Parker’s class room look like in 10 to 12 years.

Maybe there books might look more like the IPOD Touch

Maybe their reading assignments might be more – Watch the inauguration on TV/ITOUCH/IPHON from Obama and we will have a test tomorrow (In which they are given a DVD or a Website to go and do this)

Maybe watch this footage on 911 and we will have a quiz tomorrow.

Will there be as much “teaching” as there will be “watching?”

Please get out your laptops and go to this web page!!!

Maybe the “chalk boards/white boards” will have a wireless connect in which as the teacher writes it all shows up on every computer that is in that class room.

When students take a test they do it online so it is immediately graded and reported. (be great for parents)

I could go on and on through some of what I think might be coming. We the church should get ready!!!

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drpoulette said...

Great ideas. I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve the use of technology in my classroom/ministry.

Who knows what the future holds. It will be fun, for sure.