Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time of Transation: Read what is going on in the Mills Life

As some of you have heard, my family and I are in the middle of a transition time. Jeff Lovingood, at Long Hollow Baptist Church, contacted us about coming to be a part of their staff and lead their student ministry a few months ago. I will be over all 3 of their campus student ministries along with all the campuses that they are going to be starting soon. As we began to pray through this to see where we would spend the rest of our student ministry career, whether in Houston Texas or Nashville TN, either way we wanted to follow what we believe God was calling us to do.

A couple weekend’s ago we accepted the position at Long Hollow Baptist Church to go and take their student ministry to another level while also taking the opportunity to fulfill a large vision God has given me for student ministry. Longhollow already has one of the best student ministries in America so it is a real challenge and opportunity for us to step into.

Second Baptist Church Houston is an amazing church and we have had an amazing time leading the student ministry here at the West Campus. God’s favor is all over Katy, Texas and 210 student ministry is seeing God do amazing things & will continue to. I am honored and blessed to have served at Second Houston under the leadership of Keith Carmichael and Eric Hystad, two amazing men and leaders, who I respect. We love the staff, students, administration, coaches and volunteers here in Katy and at Second Houston and we will miss living here in this great city! Through serving at Second we have made lifelong friends and have been challenged in are spiritual journey and in our leadership.

I know what some say: “Moving again?!?! Brian, you need to land in one spot, you should not do that to a ministry.” All statements are right and that is what we are going to do. We truly believe God has taken us on a journey the past 11 years of student ministry and 7 years of marriage. We’ve always said we will ALWAYS follow God & be obedient to the calling that He has placed on our lives. I truly believe we are following His call on our lives by going to Long Hollow. This is a place we want to raise our family and are so excited to serve with the Team @ Longhollow.

Thank you for your prayers and understanding of what God is doing in our lives. Please pray for our house to sell here in Katy and pray for my family as we make a transition to Long Hollow. We are very excited about this move and to work for Pastor, David Landrith and Jeff Lovingood, and the rest of the staff at Long Hollow Baptist Church.


momofjatc said...

Brian, I'm proud of you and Jennifer. I keep up with y'all all the time through Mark and Lisa and pray for you often. Keep following God and you won't go wrong!!! I'm excited for you all and the opportunity.

Kay Fletcher

Rita said...

You guys are in the position right now to take advantage of new opportunities while your kids are still young. Bathe your decision in prayer, follow God's will & you will used in a mighty & powerful way.We still love you & support you from TCABC!

Jeff Hancock said...

Good luck man i know everyone will miss you hear at SBC, I know I will. Stay in touch and start up a podcast at your new church because I love listening to your sermons. Oh and another thing when you leaving??

Shannon said...

Mark and I are excited for you and this ministry opportunity. I know this decision is bitter-sweet, having to leave sweet friends and the ministry you've had the privilege to watch God work through, but are at the same time, excited to see what God is leading you to.

I may be a little biased, but you are right to be excited about getting to raise your family in this area. We have loved raising our kids in Middle Tennessee. Let us know when you arrive. We would love to meet up with you and Jennifer.

In the mean time, we will be praying for you to have a quick, easy and safe transition and move.

In Christ,
Mark and Shannon Smith