Thursday, January 21, 2010

Help Haiti through Long Hollow -

This is from my Pastors BLOG:

Thank you to all of you who brought blankets last weekend! We had a great response - 1712 blankets given. The blankets were delivered to
Brent Gambrell Ministries on Monday.

Thanks also for your gifts to the Haiti relief offering. So far we’ve had close to $80,000 given! 100% of the funds for the Haiti relief operation go directly to The Global Orphan Project. You will have another opportunity to give to the Haiti relief fund this weekend, or you can give online here.

NEW Opportunity This Weekend
We have another opportunity to give items to the relief effort.
The Global Orphan Project is setting up a “Transitional Village” to help house and care for newly orphaned and displaced children. Some estimates have been as high as 200,000 new orphans in Haiti. The children are lost, scared, sick, and famished. Our response is urgently needed. Our truck leaves early Monday morning for Miami, and the items will leave for Haiti on Wednesday.

Please bring the following items on Sunday:

Family-style camping tents

Summer-weight clothing - all sizes; used are fine
Including underwear
Shoes, croc-style is good

Children’s Tylenol
Antibacterial soap
Antibacterial ointments
Easy-to-prepare canned goods
Tuna packets
Granola bars

Info on Adoption
Have you and your family considered the adoption of a Haitian child? Click
here for more info.

Thanks again for your outpouring of love for the people of Haiti. Let’s continue to pray and make ourselves available to help in this tragic situation.

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