Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How can you Help Haiti?

This is from our Pastor's Blog:

Haiti Relief Effort

Many of you have already called or e-mailed with questions and offers to help. Continue to check for updates and real time information, but here’s what we can say at this time:

  • The orphan village we are building is located in Jeremie, which is at the end of the southern peninsula - quite a distance from the epicenter of the quake.
  • There is some damage in the Jeremie area, but at this point it doesn’t appear to be as extensive as in Port-au-Prince.
  • Both our church and school are nearing completion, but we don’t know at this time the impact on construction.
  • It’s too soon to say what impact this tragedy will have on the Long Hollow mission trips that are scheduled for this year. Stay tuned for more details at

Right now, there are three ways you can respond:

  1. Pray.
    Click here for an update from Joe Knittig of the Global Orphan Project about specific ways to pray right now.
  2. Give to Long Hollow’s Haiti Relief Fund.
    This offering is not for our orphan village, but rather all of it will go toward relief efforts, including food, medical supplies and other related relief expenses.
    Click here for online giving.
  3. Prepare to be mobilized to go.
    We are waiting on instructions of how and when we can help with on-the-ground relief efforts in Haiti. If you are interested in going email Maribeth Burns at

It’s no accident that God directed the heart of our church toward Haiti several months ago. He has called us for “such a time as this.” We have a tremendous opportunity to be the “hands and feet of Jesus.” Please pray for the suffering people of this poor country and pray about how God may want to use you to help. Above all, let’s pray that out of this tragedy thousands will be born into the kingdom through the life changing power of the Gospel!

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