Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sent this email to our VOLUNTEER TEAM about YOUTUBE CHALLENGE


I’m excited to see how the YOUTUBE Challenge is going to help grow your group and build relationships!!!

Here are a few ways to be successful in the YOUTUBE CHALLENGE
  1. Be sure all students are involved - Call everyone on your roll! It creates great conversation and a hook for you to get them to small group.
  2. Have Fun – You are building memories with your group through this challenge so don’t miss the opportunity. The students will treasure these fun memories for a lifetime.
  3. Keep it Short – Remember a youtube video does not get a hit unless the whole thing is watched.
  4. Do it – Be sure your group does one. You do not want your students to be left out when all the videos are being shown and getting huge hits on youtube .
  5. Get others involved – Visitors, parents, friends and others. Get as many people involved in your video as you can (enlist their technical support, camera, ideas, etc). This only builds to the success of your group and the success of the videos.
  6. Tally of hits - The number of hits your video receives will be multiplied by the NUMBER OF TEENAGERS IN THE VIDEO THAT DO NOT BELONG TO A SMALL GROUP. THEY HAVE TO BE A FIRST TIME GUEST.
  7. Be Intentional – while your group is making the videos use that time to be sure all are signed up for QUEST!!! Remember YOUR GOAL FOR QUEST IS 100% WITH YOUR GROUP!!! Also, talk about Wednesday night events.
  8. Have Fun – Have I mentioned that one yet ? Build Memories with all the students in your group!
I truly believe this will help boost the attendance in your small group and Wednesday Night ! Let’s use this method to connect all the fringe students.

Thanks for what you do in our student ministry. I’m excited to see all God does this semester!!!

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