Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What to do on a school campus

I get asked this question a lot during the week through Facebook, emails and phone calls. I wrote a blog about it HERE but I thought I would add a little more to it today...

1. Obey all the rules. You work for the principal when you go on that campus so act like it.

2. Obey the dress code of the school (No hat's, no holes in your pants, no strange shirts, I personally would not wear your student ministry gear either.)

3. Start with the top and work your way down. Get to know the
Principal and the office staff (take them some starbucks gift cards or chick-fil-a free sandwich cards or something. Put together a bag to give to the office and do this about once a month.

4. Do NOT CALL the teachers or administration BY THEIR FIRST NAME even if you are good friends. Show respect so that students see you showing respect. This goes a long way with the administration.

5. Get to know the coaches. Sometimes this takes time... feed the teams, speak to them when given the opportunity.

6. Keep going. Even when it feels awkward still go b/c relationships are not built in one time visit, but over time.

7. Have fun and have a positive attitude..

8. NEVER SAY NO TO THE SCHOOL, COACHES, FCA or any organization to allow you the opportunity to help the school.

Send me a facebook message and let me know if you are on a school campus and how it is going.

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