Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things I learned from Chick Fil A HQ

We took our HS Students, at the end of the ATL Mission Trip, to the Chick Fil A HQ. Wow what an experience. The HQ might be the coolest place on earth and is a must attend place sometime.

As we got to the end of our tour and after I set in Truitt Cathy's chair at his desk I really want to talk to our students. I did not want them to just leave saying: "Wow i got to try the new spicy chicken sandwich."

So before eating for free, like all employees there do, i pulled them all together in the cafe and gave them: "the things I am taking away from our time here.

1. Excellence is the name of the game

2. Never get too big time.
Truitt Cathy to this day reads his own mail. I know pastors that think they are too big time to read their own mail. Never forget where God has brought you from. You get this from being at the HQ's of Chick Fil A.

3. Strong Conviction:
Chick Fil A is built around the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! To this day they are closed on Sunday. How many businesses is it all about money and nothing about God and how much smaller are they than chick fil a? Chick Fil A will stand on their conviction. Do you have strong conviction in your life? What do you stand for?

4. God First

5. Family is #1

6. Learn to have a passion for People.
Chick Fil A employees are a family and care for each other and they love their customer. Some churches can't even say that.

7. Passion for Excellence

8. Please God with all you have

9. Give Generously

Here are a few quotes on the wall:

"No goal is to high if you climb with care and confidence"

"Instruction is what you say influence is what you do image is what you are"

"It is easier to succeed than to fail"

Every church, family and business could learn a lot from Chick Fil A!!! Always be a learner. If you think you are too good for a conference, too good to go and learn or just "too good" maybe you should step back and and take a good look b/c the chances are your pride has gotten in the way. Never give up on being a learner.

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