Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Testimony from LHSM Camp - Alexis Griggs

this week was truly a blessing. this year i came into camp as a junior, not knowing why God had me there. the night before the last day, michael head had been preaching about saul "going" as the Lord called him to. i felt like God had literally hit me over the head and said "go alexis, i need you in the childrens ministry. dont get me wrong i love kids but i said "God why me, whats so special that you want to use me." so michael gave the invitaion and said if you feel like God is telling you to go like he told Saul then stand up. at first i just sat there with my heart racing. then as everyone started to walk out i felt like God was picking me up out of my chair and not letting me sit back down. so as i got outside i sat down and talked to jennifer mills about what God had been talking to me about that night, and we prayed together. i told her i felt like God had been calling me into the childrens ministry. leaving camp the way i did was never a thought i had in my mind. i thank God for an amazing week, what i got out of camp this year, and especially the youth pastors.

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