Thursday, July 1, 2010

Testimony from LHSM Camp - Logan Clendenin

When I say this, I mean this; Camp was the most amazing desicion I have ever made in my life. When I first arrived, I'll admit, I was nervous. My life hasn't been the best and I've made alot of wrong desicions.
On opening night, I could sense something I've never felt before. I could feel my heart start racing, I could feel the beating of my heart in the my toes. The next night, the same thing began to happen. I've been saved before, but this didn't have the same affect that I was feeling then. As we were singing "Oh How He Loves Us" the tears began to fall on my cheeks, fast and hard. As I sang with my whole heart, I realized that it was God silently making an effort to get into my heart, to get me to open up to him.
I talked to a few people about it, but it still didn't feel alright. People were standing up because it was the first time they received Christ.
On the next day, Michael preached about what I was feeling. He spoke of how when your heart races, and you have the knocking on your heart, it's God speaking to you.
That night, I looked up at him when he asked the people that were feeling that way to. I was the only one at first. When he asked people to stand, people silently stood up. As I walked to the front of the room, I cried tears of joy, and tears of not knowing. I knew that night that the right thing to do was to be saved. God knocked on my heart, and I opened the door to a new life.
You don't have a clue of what life fills like until you feel the love from our God.
God is stronger than you could ever think; He LOVES you no matter what the circumstance is.
Knowing God, and accepting Him into my heart was and is the best decision of my life.
Don't be afraid of Him, let Him be in control of your life, just like I am letting Him.

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