Friday, July 2, 2010

Testimony from LHSM Camp - Karli Hunt

I came to church camp not knowing who God was. Now that it's the last day, and im on my way back home I can proudly say I know Him and that He has saved me. As of Saturday, June 26th I've let my lord and savior into my heart. none of this would have happened if it werent for Shelby Pewitt. She convinced me one Saturday night to go to church with her sunday morning. When I went, I was awestruck at how much people love Christ and how big of an impact he had on people. Ever since that day, Ive wanted to learn more about Him and I wanted to accept him into my heart. I never could find a way to do it, until this past week. I was keeping Christ out of my life because I was being surrounded by these people who wouldnt believe in Him. So it was hard for me to accept Him. And now that I've been saved, I couldnt ask for anything more. Nothing is better then the way He hit me that Saturday night. I want to thank Shelby Pewitt, Leilani Pewitt, Melanie Midgette, Michael Head, and Brian Mills. I couldnt have a better feeling than this :D So go on and call me a 'Christian church freak" I don't care. The only one I need is Jesus. I gave my life to Him and I will continue to live for matter what.

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