Thursday, July 15, 2010

Testimony from LHSM Camp - Brittany Black

Camp has helped me find the greatness of God. When i first arrived at camp i knew it would be a life changing experiment. And i was right! Every single day everyone has encouraged people to be stronger Christians. The Counselers were amazing! So were Brian, Shannon and let's not forget Micheal! He even encouraged adults! I pray that every camp increases with number of students per year! And i pray that i become an inspiration leader of Station Camp, and get more people to know Christ. This Summer Church Camp was called "All Access". And it was right. I'm sure at the end if Camp, everyone received God's All Access of love, happiness, peace, etc.. So i think everyone that worked at Camp for Long Hollow, and God Bless You!
I learned that God Always comes first no matter what. God is my Everything..

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