Saturday, July 10, 2010

Testimony from LHSM Camp - Jessica Harper

at camp I was called to ministry and cant wait to see what happens next and even when things are hard He let me realize i have good christian friends and adults i can talk to if i dont know what to do and that i dont need a guy in my life just because i think i do then replase God with him and thats when things get hard and you become stupid LOL but i can see the difference in my own life and that excites me alot too but the biggest thing is that i can trust God and know that he wont let me down and he will only give me the best and only put ppl in front of me if they need to be loved on or need someone to talk to or just need to be tod who Jesus is and after reading my favorite verse in the Bible isiah 6:8 i feel like i can do anything and especially knowing that our God is the same one who led moses and was with Adam and eve and saved so many ppl and changed saul's life as he became paul and turned his life around for the glory of God and if he had the power to do all of those things with all of those ppl then i know i can get through anything if i just stay in his word and never ever think i can do it on my own cuz i know i cant

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