Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mentoring Students

I believe the day of teaching and students setting there listening then walking away getting it is long gone. I believe we have to do a few things to disciple teens today - in no certain order:

1. Spend Time with them.

2. Stop Teaching and Start Discussing. We can teach all day long but when they have to open their bible and find it themselves they learn.

3. Give them clear expectations. If you are meeting with a group of students who never bring friends or reach out to the lost are they getting it? I just told a group of students that if they don't bring friends w/ them and reach out to their schools through their area of influence then i will no longer meet w/ them.

4. Open up God's word. Students love to learn and grow in God's word. Don't just teach them God's word open it and discuss it!!! Deep hard questions are also great in a discipleship setting. Go for it and ask the questions.

5. Laugh and Have Fun together. Students today want authenticity. Do not try to be someone you are not. Let them learn from you by them doing life w/ you.

6. Do not dim it down. Put all expectations/bible studies on the high shelf and they will go get it!!! Treat them like adults not like kids!!!

7. Hold Students Accountable.

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